Netbird Media

A Vision to Cre8



Netbird Media is a creative agency based in Dehradun ,India helping business owners running business of all sizes in building their brand’s identity .With our team working its best to provide value to our clients, we get your business’s target market select you over the competition.

We work with our clients on their business needs as well the need of the market to come up with bang on strategies and creative ideas which leads in increased number of leads or queries.

Be it marketing on social platforms or optimizing your website ,be it designing a logo for your dream business or working on other print designs we are here to help you out and provide you value in the best way possible.



"You need a strategy ,not only for knowing what you should be doing but also what you shouldn’t be "
- Shubham Mehra

Whether a business is growing or it’s fresh ,it cant go far without a strategic planning .We work on your business needs with tried and tested strategies to serve results on the table.


Creativity is a process of having ideas which have value . It has been ranked one of the most important factor for the success of a business over factors like management and even vision .We can come up with creative ideas to provide your business a slight edge over your competitors.

Visual marketing & Advertising

"Marketing in the year that we actually live in."
- Gary Vaynerchuk

Creative with strategy is called advertising .A brand is not built because of its visuals (logo or website) ,it is built by the audience it has .We market your brand and advertise it on platforms with large amount of daily users .We work on visual marketing as it not only sells your product or your service but also sells an experience around your business.


  • Treat brand like the solo representative for your work.
  • Brand is nothing but a perception but the perception needs to be clear and positive.
  • We work on building a trustworthy brand and an identity to clearly tell people who we are and what do we do or provide .


There are various traits that we can help you with, here we would like to showcase some of them for you to get an idea.

Web Designing

Your website is your no. 1 marketing asset . 30% of consumers won't consider a business without a website.

Logo Designing

Your business logo is a point of recognition and the foundation of your brand indentity.

Digital Marketting

No business is complete without its client. We offer you to get your client across the world.

Android App development

Android is one of the most used Operating System in the world. What if we can get your business directly landed to your customer's device?

IOS App Development

Giving Convivence to our daily user is our utmost priority there IOS Application can be the one to fulfill our consumers needs.

Graphic Designing

Graphics are one of the most crucial and effective way to draw your audience attention. Graphic Designing is one of the best tool for your business.